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Get 200% return if you lose money within a week!
T&Cs Apply
You have to lose 200 KES in total within a week. Cash coupons are distributed every Monday.
*For all users
Enjoy your 100% stake refund by betting on selected by BanBet sports events
T&Cs Apply
Only pre-match bets are allowed. The maximum betting amount is the stake amount per market multiplied by the number of the other following bets.
*For all users
Earn up to 600% on Multiple Bets!
T&Cs Apply
Odds must be higher than 1.2. Partially cashed-out stakes do not participate in this offer.
*For all users
Tailor your bets the right way and win
T&Cs Apply
Both pre-match and live bets qualify for this offer. Free bets are awarded within 24 hours of the end of each stage.
*For all users
Play every day over the course of the week and get the reward you deserve!
T&Cs Apply
The minimum payout amount is 147 KES. Losing bets must be higher than 1.5. One bonus per one customer a week.
*Only once per week
Take risk and win with Advanced Bet from BetWinner!
T&Cs Apply
Bet on Live sports events. Bets used before Advance Bets will be used to cover the placed stakes.
*For all users
Up to 100% reward for everyone from BanBet
T&Cs Apply
A minimum bet of 40 KES is needed to participate in the promotion. Comply with the laws of the website.
*For all users
Bet every Thursday to stand a chance to share a total bonus of 700,00 KES
T&Cs Apply
Sports with odds of 1.3 or higher. Betting on a canceled match will not qualify for the promotion.
*For all users

The Mechanism Behind Betting Bonuses 

If you were wondering how these bonuses work, the answer is actually quite straightforward. When bettors sign up for a specific betting site, they are typically welcomed with a gift that is referred to as a “welcome bonus.” The user can access additional promotions and gifts after becoming a full platform member. Some can be given exclusively to devoted members, while others are open to everyone. The idea behind it is very straightforward: you deposit money on the website, you wager on sports, and you get to receive special bonuses and gifts, which are typically given in the form of cash to motivate you to wager more and more. 

Identifying the Most Lucrative Sports Betting Bonuses 

Now that you understand the mechanism behind betting bonuses let us look at their most common types. These promotions are often offered on online betting platforms, and it is well known that local users of these websites use these offers more frequently than other ones. In our opinion, most of the promotions on this list are very profitable and will appeal to seasoned and novice bettors.

Initial Deposit Reward 

The initial deposit offer is frequently referred to as the “welcome bonus” or the “first deposit bonus.” This gift is primarily given to new members who sign up on the platform, and it is only accessible for a limited period of time after the registration process is complete. Since this bonus is only available to users who make their first deposit on the platform, users who are already registered on the website cannot take advantage of it. 

The majority of the time, this offer comes in the form of free money or free bets to give bettors a head start on the website, improve their user experience, and motivate them to wager more and stick around. Since permanent bonuses are rarely as generous as the welcome bonus, we consider this gift to be very advantageous. It is a great way to start betting and making money right away. You should remember, though, that the first deposit offer can vary depending on the sportsbook. 

Equivalent Deposit Bonus 

The equivalent deposit bonus operates similarly to the first deposit bonus, except that you will always receive the same percentage of your deposit as a gift, and it doesn’t have to be your first deposit necessarily. The bookmaker will give you a specific portion of the amount you invested as a gift, and you can use this money freely to engage in online sports betting on the platform. The percentage is fixed by the sports betting site and will be presented to you before you proceed with the deposit procedure. 

Complimentary Betting Opportunities 

There are some bonuses out there that are regarded as complimentary due to their interactions. For instance, if you choose to take advantage of a jackpot offer but have already received a first deposit bonus, you will typically have no trouble using the money you were given to wager on the jackpot. Specific promotions stack, making your experience even more profitable. However, in order to benefit from such privileges, you must unquestionably check the terms of the bonuses you use. 

Augmented Odds and Earnings Amplification

This particular bonus is unquestionably the most lucrative. Bonuses that fall under this category are known for enhancing your experience by offering you more profitable betting options and chances of winning a large amount of money. You should keep in mind, though, that this kind of offer typically has very strict guidelines that must be adhered to, such as using a specific type of bet multiple times before withdrawing or going for specific markets. 

Basically, you will have the option to receive more privileged and profitable conditions for your betting experience, such as higher odds or greater winning chances, with earnings amplifications. Higher odds mean higher chances. This bonus is highly valued and is frequently given to loyal customers.

Bonuses for Betting via Mobile 

Here are some reasons why betting on a mobile device can occasionally be even more profitable than betting on a desktop. The fact that this kind of bonus is extremely uncommon and does not seem to be very popular among the majority of betting sites out there should serve as a warning to you, but it can still appear occasionally, which is always good news.

In essence, there is a specific kind of bonus that is only accessible through mobile devices and, more specifically, mobile applications. Bettors who download the sportsbook’s mobile app may be eligible for an exclusive promotion that is only available to them. Usually, the goal of this is to get users of the site to download the app. It can come in the form of free bets or other different types. 

Key Aspects to Observe in a Bookmaker’s Bonus 

After learning about the most lucrative bonus offers available, we advise looking at the crucial factors you should take into account when choosing a bonus offer on an online sports betting website. Despite the fact that this process is very straightforward and frequently does not call for extra caution or attention to detail, we think there are a few guidelines and tips you should keep in mind because they will guide your decision-making. 

Usual Bonus Terms at Sportsbooks 

The bonus conditions on a sports betting site are typically very straightforward. In order to take advantage of such an offer, bettors typically only need to adhere to a short list of rules. However, these requirements differ from platform to platform and from offer to offer, so we are unable to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the terms available online. We can provide you with a list of the most common guidelines you must adhere to in order to take advantage of such online promotions, though. Here they are. 

  • Become a member of a betting website.
  • Be older than 18 years old.
  • Put a certain sum of money into your account.
  • Place a predetermined number of wagers using the gift money.
  • Use only particular bet types with the free bets or money you were given.

Concealed Clauses in Betting Bonuses 

Our team typically views concealed clauses as a legal form of fraud that aims to lure bettors into offers that are not actually very lucrative, which is not very fair. We would like to draw your attention to this particular point because if you fall for some worthless marketing gimmicks, it will undoubtedly ruin your experience, your chances of winning more money, and your relationship with the bookmaker.

We will say it again and again: Be careful with every offer you accept. Read the terms and conditions, review the guidelines, and decide if they are appropriate for you. 

For instance, many beginners fall into the classic withdrawal trap when they believe they can simply withdraw their free money after receiving it. Although it is obviously impossible, this is stated in each agreement. It is only possible to withdraw bonuses after using them on the platform, but this is just one example of many similar circumstances, so we firmly advise you to exercise caution. Hidden conditions are the worst. 

Fraudulent Bookmaker Bonus Tactics 

Do not fall for fraudulent offers. Online, there are a lot of fraudulent websites and offers created to lure customers and steal their money. Banners and advertisements, for instance, that promise substantial sums of money in exchange for signing up with a platform have the potential to be scams, just as certain terms listed by the sportsbook might be traps. You should always look further and seek out the terms and conditions of each bonus before investing any money and claiming your gift because some bookmakers are not entirely honest about the requirements for their rewards. 

You should also consider the offers of each offer, as well. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and fake websites are really good at making promotions that seem too good to be true. If you notice that the offer seems too big to be real, then it probably isn’t. 

Choosing the Right Sportsbook Bonus

Picking the right bonus to go for is not as hard as it seems, and even though there are many fraudulent offers out there, most of the promotions you will find on popular betting sites like 1xBet or Melbet will rarely be fraudulent. Such popular platforms have a great reputation and offer many incredibly lucrative bonuses. 

However, before deciding which offer to accept, we advise you to exercise good judgment. Remember to take advantage of the welcome bonus, of course, as this deal is essential. Most of the time, it is given without expecting anything in return and will help you get off to a great start on the platform of your choice.  

Also, read the bonus’s terms and conditions because they might not apply to you.  You run the risk of pursuing something that will not be at all profitable for you. Some bonuses have strict withdrawal requirements, for example, that will not permit you to take out the money gifted to you directly, etc. 


Getting a sports betting bonus is a straightforward process. The first step is to sign up and verify your identity on a betting website. When you are ready, go to the promotions page and select a deal that looks profitable to you. If you are new to the platform, we suggest choosing the first deposit or welcome bonus.
The most profitable offers, according to general consensus, can be found on well-known websites like 1xBet, Melbet, or 22Bet, but this will depend on each sportsbook's approach to its customers. If we had to choose, then we would definitely say 1xBet.
A welcome deposit bonus can be withdrawn, but only after fulfilling all the conditions outlined by the sports betting platform. The majority of the time, you will be required to wager the free money on the site several times with particular kinds of bets to spread it around before withdrawing it.
We would rather say yes than no since such tactics can permit you to double the amount of your winnings.
In our opinion, 1xBet has the largest and most diverse collection of bonuses.