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A warm 22Bet sign up offer for new customers
T&Cs Apply
Minimum deposit is 100 KES. 5x bonus wagering requirement on accumulator bets (more than three events) with odds of 1.40 or more. Cryptocurrency deposits are excluded from this offer.
*New users only
Only for players from Kenya: 200% first deposit bonus!
T&Cs Apply
Only one bonus per customer. Use only real money to participate in this offer.
*New users only

Register with 1xBet and get a fantastic 200% bonus for your first deposit!

T&Cs Apply

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 200% on your first deposit up to 112 KES. Unless otherwise stated. All you need to do is just deposit the money in your 1xbet.co.ke account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

*New users only

Win and get a guaranteed bonus of up to 1000%!

T&Cs Apply

New players only. Place an accumulator bet by choosing any 4 or more events (up to 50), each at odds of 1.2 or higher. Get a reward of up to 1000% if you win!

*New users only

Varieties of Welcome Bonuses 

Welcome bonuses differ from one another and will vary depending on the sportsbook with which you register. There are various welcome offers available with various mechanisms, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with them beforehand so you can anticipate what the sportsbook you join will provide for you. These bonuses, while distinct from one another, are all still considered welcome bonuses that are only offered to new users and can only be used once.

Refund Bonus 

We think that the refund welcome bonus is the most well-liked welcome offer available online. This type of promotion operates on a very simple principle and is similar to the first deposit bonus. You must invest a certain sum of money in order to receive this kind of bonus, and the company will give you a gift refund equal to a portion of your investment. The gift’s percentage will depend on different factors; here they are.

  • How much you deposit.
  • The terms that the bookmaker has listed.
  • The percentage given by the company.

Most of the time, promotions will say things like “Up to 100% welcome bonus,” but these can be click-bait. Always check the terms and conditions of the offer to see what the bookmaker actually has to offer.

Complimentary Bets 

Some welcome bonuses have the option of being complimentary, which allows them to be combined with other deals. Although this phenomenon is not very common, it can occasionally occur depending on the platform you use, the bonus terms, and occasionally even the amount of investment you make. 

Consider the following scenario: You receive a welcome bonus that is just cash, but the website also has ongoing promotions like a jackpot or accumulator bet offer. If the terms of your welcome offer permit it, you are free to participate in the second offer as well, using the money you were given. If your welcome bonus stacks with such an offer, you can benefit twice from these promotions because sometimes bookmakers will require you to place certain types of bets before withdrawing your free money, such as accumulators. 

Initial Bet Bonus 

The initial bet bonus is almost identical to the standard initial deposit bonus, with the exception that you must complete one more step before claiming it. The steps are simple: you sign up as a new user on a betting site, make your first deposit, and place your first wager. The company will give you a gift after you place your first wager on the platform. The gift you receive will depend on the specifics of the offer. 

Initial bet bonuses are typically either free bets or plain cash. You can use these on the platform to carry on with your betting activities there. 

Before depositing any money into a betting website, especially before placing a bet, we advise new users to review the terms and conditions. Check first to see if the offer is valid and advantageous to you.

Matching Bonuses 

Match deposit bonuses are similar to refund bonuses in that the company will give you a percentage of your initial investment as a gift. The goal of this promotion is to get you to deposit money on the website, whether you are a casino player or a sports bettor. The mechanism is as follows: the bookmaker simply adds an equal amount of bonus money to the player’s initial deposit. The rules, which are typically listed under the offer itself, determine the percentage of the gift. The bookmaker frequently gives its customers a grid showing how much they can wager and how much they can win in return.

Due to the fact that it benefits both parties, this type of offer is very well-liked by bookmakers. The company receives some money, and the user gains something that might tempt him to participate in platform activities.

What Kind of Bonuses Are Available for Regular Players? 

It would be a shame not to mention some offers that regular users registered on a betting platform for a long time are also eligible for since welcome bonuses are not available to them. We would like to share with you some popular bonus types for consistent players as well as how they operate. 

Depending on how long the company decides to keep the offer ongoing, these can be claimed by any type of user of a betting platform, even beginners.    

Bonus on Accumulator Bets

Offers for accumulator bets are undoubtedly among the most well-liked at the moment. Such offers are almost always available to all users at reputable betting companies. They are frequently offered for extended periods, giving gamblers more time to take advantage of them and more opportunities to improve their experience.

The idea behind these promotions is very straightforward; essentially, it is a betting offer in which the bookmaker offers extra winnings or extra money if you place a successful multiple wager (an accumulator) with a specific number of selections. Accumulator bonuses let you increase your bets on multiple selections, and they frequently increase as you add more events to your bet slip. If the terms call for placing accumulator bets, this is the kind of offer that pairs well with welcome bonus money.

Complimentary Bet Offers 

The only difference between welcome complimentary bet offers and regular complimentary bet offers is that the latter is more common. If they are not free bets or promotions where you can get free money, you will not often find offers for regular customers that can stack with others. However, we will explain the mechanism to you if you are interested. 

In general, complimentary bet offers are promotions that can be used in conjunction with one another. For instance, if you participate in a promotion where you must place a particular type of wager to qualify for the bonus and another promotion also requires you to do so, the two promotions may interact and increase your chances of winning.

To avoid missing out on the chance to win more money by utilizing complimentary promotions, we advise you to regularly review the entire selection of promotions on your betting platform.

Improved Odds 

Betting offers with better odds are a great way to increase your winnings while taking a more negligible risk. An odds boost offer will temporarily raise the bet’s price, increasing your potential profit if your prediction comes true. Even though it may differ from bookmaker to bookmaker and offer to offer, odds are typically only raised by a half-point. 

The mechanism for this kind of offer is very straightforward: the sportsbook raises the payout for certain betting markets on a specific event, which also increases the likelihood of that event happening.

Due to their frequent integration by the majority of well-known bookmakers for varying lengths of time, this bonus type is likely the second most popular one. These are made to both attract new bettors and keep existing ones betting, and they can be used in conjunction with other ongoing promotions to great effect. Since this promotion can also be used with welcome bonus funds and increase your chances of winning significantly, its mechanism is similar to an accumulator offer. 

Bet Customization

Custom bets or bet builder offers are a huge hit with gamblers because they let users combine related or unrelated outcomes into a single bet slip. In our opinion, these offers are very beneficial because they increase a bet slip’s chances of winning and provide better value than placing separate wagers on a single game. Combining various types of related or unrelated events can significantly increase your chances of winning big.

Recharge Bonuses 

Recharge bonuses, also known as “reload bonuses,” are promotions that, depending on the terms, may be used multiple times. Most of the time, when you deposit on the betting site where you are registered, you will receive a gift. These are a unique kind of offer; they have nothing to do with welcome bonuses or first deposits, and the percentage given by the company will always determine your payout. 

Recharge bonuses are very rare and are usually hard to find, but if you find one, it can be very profitable for you.

Money-Back Options 

Money-back options are basically cash-back offers, as they are usually called. They will allow you to receive a portion of your bet back, especially if your bet is risky. Be careful not to confuse cash-back offers with refund offers, as they are completely different. 

Because it offers bettors who place risky types of bets refunds that can be either cash or free bets, cash-back is frequently viewed by bettors as a form of insurance. These kinds of promotions are popular among experts because they let them place risk-free bets and ensure that they will still receive something even if they lose. Since not everyone enjoys taking risks, which is completely understandable, cash-back options are typically available for extended periods of time on betting platforms and enjoy great popularity among both pros and newbies. 

Most of the time, free bets are all that are offered as cash-back bonuses, but occasionally, you might be lucky and receive plain cash; just make sure to check the conditions before accepting the offer.

Accumulator Bet Insurance 

Accumulator insurance works by returning you a part of your stake up to a predetermined amount or by giving you a free bet in the event that one of your selections results in the failure of your accumulator. If you think about it, it is akin to a cash-back guarantee but is currently underutilized on online betting sites. 

Guaranteed Optimal Odds 

Similar to enhanced promotions, guaranteed optimal odds promotions essentially let you have a less risky betting experience on the platform. In essence, it means that the bookmaker will pay you out at higher odds if the starting price is higher than the odds you initially took. The main goal of this promotion is to ensure that you get the best results.


No, unfortunately. Only new users who are signing up for the platform for the first time are eligible for the welcome bonus. The loyalty bonus, if there is one, may, however, be available to current clients and can be a great alternative.
A welcome bonus can only be claimed once when first joining the platform. Do not pass up this opportunity to make money because you only have one chance to do so.
Only your initial deposit will qualify you for the welcome bonus, and the amount you will have to invest will depend on the terms set forth by the bookmaker.
Yes, it is permitted, and the bookmaker will typically demand that you use it exclusively on accumulators in order to withdraw it. The most frequent requirement you will run into when claiming your welcome bonus is that you have to use accumulator bets to wager more than five times the bonus amount. Despite the fact that this regulation varies from sportsbook to sportsbook, most bookmakers generally have a similar set of rules.
No, usually, you will need to make a first deposit. However, some companies offer no deposit welcome bonuses.
Unfortunately, not all sportsbooks offer these promotions, but the most well-known ones unquestionably do.
Free bets cannot be cashed out, unfortunately. Before users can withdraw their free bets, they must use them on the website.
Yes, without a doubt. However, it depends on the platform and the options you are looking for.