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Google Authenticator 1xBet: Comprehensive Guide

Security is one of the most sensitive and top-burning questions among punters. It is a great sign when a platform is licensed and offers 128-bit SSL encryption protection, but sometimes it is not enough. That is where extra protection comes in handy.

Google Authenticator 1xBet: Comprehensive Guide

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The online market is full of numerous programs for mobile devices that promise users solid security and safe storage of their data. The Google Authentication tool is one of the top-rated apps that has many positive reviews from African punters. It helps to ensure 2FC security for 1xBet accounts. So, here in this article, you will learn and explore all the facts about this powerful tool and decide if it is useful for you.

Introduction to Google Authenticator

Introduction to Google Authenticator

What is a Google Authenticator? It is an excellent tool that allows bettors to set a double authentication process on their accounts. It means that your profile will have twice stronger protection. It is easy to set and use, but it is vital to mention that this method also has its perks and cons.

In this article, you can find sufficient information on installing and using the Google Authenticator tool. Besides, you will receive a full explanation of why you might need it on your phone.

What Is Google Authenticator and How Does It Work?

Kenyan punters can download this authentication tool from the official Google Market or an AppStore and install it on their mobile phones for free. It ensures a more secure login to the 1xBet account via a two-step authentication. Therefore, after you type in your password in the required field to enter your profile page, the program will provide you with a 6-digit code that you need to enter into your 1xBet account.

It is a perfect way to keep your private and financial data safe. Even if somebody learns your password, it will be impossible for this fraudster to enter your account and retrieve your other information without a key code. 

Why Is Google Authenticator Important for the Security of Your 1xBet Account?

Your 1xBet profile contains vital personal information and sensitive payment data that can be easily stolen if left unprotected. That is one of the reasons many punters care about the security of their accounts and check the technology a bookmaker uses. With the 1xBet platform, players can be sure that their operations and information are encrypted via SSL or TLS protocols.

However, it is not enough if we talk about your passwords. Here, two-factor authentication is the most efficient method. This way, a user receives one-time codes that can serve as a password supplement and are known only by the user. 

Google Authenticator tool is one of the most reliable and proven programs a reputable company produced to keep your data safe. If you observe the market searching for apps that can add extra protection to your account, the Google tool is the number 1 solution available for Apple and Android users.

How to Set Up Google Authenticator on 1xBet

How to Set Up Google Authenticator on 1xBet

Kenyan punters can access the Google Authenticator app via all popular markets. The software is free. Here in this part of the observation, you can grab complete instructions on how to set up this tool on your 1xBet account.

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Google Authenticator

Go to the Google Market or AppStore and search for the Google Authenticator. Tap on the downloading button to obtain and install the application. The process is automatic. Wait until it is finished so you see its icon on your phone.

Step 2: Registering Your 1xBet Account With Google Authenticator

Open the official 1xBet website from your device via an app or any browser. Click on the “Register” button, indicate the required information, and pass the verification of your identity. Then log into your account and go to the “Security” section. Indicate your phone and enable two-factor authentication by clicking on its banner.

Step 3: Linking Google Authenticator to Your 1xBet Account

The next step will be to link your Google tool with your 1xBet account. It can be done in a second or two. Scan a QR code from your 1xBet account displayed in the “Security” section after enabling a double-step authentication process. Do the scanning via a Google Authenticator.

Copy a 6-digit code from the Google app and indicate it in your 1xBet account below the QR code you just scanned. Voila, your protection tool, is linked to your 1xBet profile. When you need to enter it, a system will send you a new code that you can use once only.

How to Recover Google Authenticator Code on 1xBet

How to Recover Google Authenticator Code on 1xBet

Some punters can lose their phones or forget their key authenticator password. What exactly is it? A key is a QR code that you scan to link your tool to your betting account. It has 32 digits and can be either indicated manually or via a scan.

Google and many users from Kenya urge you to keep it somewhere on your Google Drive or other cloud services in case you lose a phone or have other problems. Without this key, you cannot use your 1xBet account. However, there are ways you can recover it.

Code Recovery When Changing Phones or Losing the Device

Bad things happen, and in that case, if you were precocious and saved your password, you can simply use one of the cloud services you used for keeping it. Then follow our instructions:

  1. Download the Google authenticator from your store to your new device.
  2. Choose the “Enter Key” option.
  3. Indicate the passcode you previously saved manually.

Great, you can access your 1xBet account without any problems. But if you face any, simply report them to G support. Operators will help you clear up your problem and safely enter your profile.

Regaining Access After Losing or Resetting Google Authenticator Code

In a different situation where you forgot your Google Authenticator code, you should apply to Google support and request a new key to connect your Authenticator. Operators will generate a new key and send it to you.

Also, punters can apply to the 1xBet customer care and ask them to delete your old account and open a new one due to the fact that you have lost or forgotten your authenticator.

How to Disable Google Authenticator on 1xBet

How to Disable Google Authenticator on 1xBet

If you plan to stop using a two-factor authorization, you can easily turn it off. But keep in mind that the protection of your account will be weaker than with a secret code. Here, you can see how you can switch this feature off.

Steps to Disable Two-factor Authentication

The whole process takes several seconds. Follow our minute guide on how you can disable this extra protection:

  1. Open your 1xBet app or a standard website and log into your account.
  2. Go to your profile and visit the “Security” page.
  3. Open the “Two-Factor Authentication” page and click on the “Disable” button.

Now, you can use your permanent password to enter your 1xBet account from various devices without the need to scan anything.

Risks Associated With Disabling Google Authenticator on 1xBet

When you disable your G authenticator, you should understand that from now on, if your password is exposed, you can lose your account and even money. Sure, you can change your password from time to time or make up a more complicated combination of letters, digits, and special signs, but it’s not that easy.

Troubleshooting Google Authenticator on 1xBet

Troubleshooting Google Authenticator on 1xBet

In some cases, users face troubles while using the Google Authy tool. The most scary fact about this app is that when you lose your phone, there is a high possibility that you will never recover access to your 1xBet account. So, see other probable problems that may happen in the following part of the article.

Common Problems and Their Solutions When Using Google Authenticator

Sometimes, there can be problems even with a Google Authenticator tool. When that happens, you will definitely notice. Check the potential problems that can occur in the list:

  1. You get the wrong verification code.
  2. You lost access to your secret key.

These issues can be solved via Google or 1xBet support. However, if you indicated the code and received a message that says “Invalid Verification Code,” you can re-enter it again or contact support.

How to Avoid Account Lockout Due to Incorrect Code Entry

Users who enter the wrong code several times risk getting their accounts blocked. To avoid that, you need to be prepared:

  1. The best way to avoid lockouts is to store your key code somewhere safe and within your direct reach. 
  2. Another recommendation is to care about your phone since it has a lot of significant information.

Pros and Cons of Using Google Authenticator on 1xBet

Pros and Cons of Using Google Authenticator on 1xBet

A two-step authorization has its perks and downsides. This tool was developed to protect user accounts, which means that in case you lose some vital data, like a key code, it will be really difficult to enter your betting account. Observe all the pitfalls and benefits that you can get with this Google Authentication tool in the following parts.

  • Total safety of your financial and private data.
  • You are the only person who can enter your account.
  • Lower risks of data exposure.
  • The loss of your secret 32-digit key makes retrieving access to your 1xBet profile impossible.

You can either ask support to delete your account and get a new indicator or simply create a new one without a double-factor verification option.

Comparison of Google Authenticator with Other Two-Factor Authentication Methods on 1xBet

Comparison of Google Authenticator with Other Two-Factor Authentication Methods on 1xBet

Besides the G Authenticator methods, there are other alternatives. We will explain more about them, so you can decide which method is more helpful and convenient for you.

SMS Verification vs. Google Authenticator

It is proved by many businesses that SMS verification is a bit weaker than the protection level we receive when using an app. It is a tricky question because the market is full of 2FC apps, and users need to know for sure which one is trusted.

In the case of Google, we know that it is a proven and reliable company. Therefore, its application can definitely provide the necessary protection. And if we talk about SMS codes, some fraudsters can still hack them and send you a face message, which can expose your data.

App-Based Authentication vs. Google Authenticator

Another comparison stands between the G app and other possible programs developed by other companies. As we mentioned before, the market is full of scam software. Some apps can break your security instead of providing one. Therefore it is easier with popular and famous brands that value their reputations.

Therefore Google Authenticator is a perfect choice. Other apps have similar mechanisms and disadvantages, so there is not much freedom here. When you use the G program, you still need to pay attention to where you keep your secret key.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Authenticator on 1xBet

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Authenticator on 1xBet
You need to enable a 2FC verification first. You can do it after you enter your 1xBet account and proceed to the “Security” section. Open your Google Authentication app and scan a QR code from your 1xBet account. You will see a 6-digit code in your G app. Copy it and insert it into your betting profile.
Sure. To do that, you also need to log into your betting account and visit the “Security” section. Click on the “Disable” button to remove your G Authenticator.
You will receive a message saying, “Invalid Verification Code.” You would need to re-enter the code again. However, if the mistake occurs again, you better contact support.

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