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Classification of Membership

There are four levels of membership: Full, Founding, Affiliate and Associate. FULL MEMBERSHIP is for national publishers associations in Africa. APNET has a total membership of 42 countries. FOUNDING MEMBERSHIP constitutes a group of publishers from nine African countries who founded APNET. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is reserved for individuals or organizations with an outstanding record of service to African publishing.  AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP includes interested persons or organizations which share APNET’s aims and objectives and belong to the bigger family of publishing: editors, booksellers, designers, printers, etc.


Full Membership List

1 Syndicat National des Editeurs de Livres (SNEL) ALGERIA ALGERIA
2 The Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Angola ANGOLA
3 Associates des Editeurs du Benin (ASEDIB) BENIN
4 Publishers Association of Botswana (PAB) BOTSWANA
5 Association des Editeurs du Burkina Faso (ASSEDIF) BURKINA FASO
6 Burundi Publishers Association BURUNDI
7 Chad Chad
8 Association des Editeurs du Cameroun CAMEROUN
9 Instituto Caboverdeano do Livro e do Disco CAPE VERDE
10 Espace Audio Visuel en Afrique(ESPAVA) CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC
11 Ivorian Publishers Association IVORY COAST
12 Association Nationale des Editeurs du Livre (A.N.EDI.L.) DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO
13 The Egyptian Publishers Association EGYPT
14 Eritrea Publishers Association ERITREA
15 Ethiopian Publishers Association (EPA)Eritrea Publishers Association ETHIOPIA
16 Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA) GHANA
17 Association des editeurs du Guinéens (ASSEGUI) GUINEA
19 Kenya Publishers Association (KPA) KENYA
20 Lesotho Publishers Association LESOTHO
22 Book Publishers Association of Malawi MALAWI
23 Organization Maliene des Editeurs (OMEL) MALI
24 Mauritanian Union for Publishing & Distribution MAURITANIA
25 Association des Editeurs Mauriciens (AEM) MAURICIUS
26 Union of Moroccan Publishers MOROCCO
27 Mocambique Editora MOZAMBIQUE
28 Association of Namibian Publishers (ANP) NAMIBIA
29 L’Association Nigerienne des Professionnels du Livre (ANPL) NIGER
30 Nigerian Publishers Association (NPA) NIGERIA
31 Rwanda Publishers and Booksellers Union RWANDA
32 Senegalese Publishers Association SENEGAL
33 Sierra Leone SIERRA LEONE
34 Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) SOUTH AFRICA
35 Sudan Publishers Association SUDAN
36 Publishers Association of Tanzania (PATA) TANZANIA
38 Union des Editeurs Tunisiens TUNISIA
39 Uganda Publishers Association UGANDA
40 Book Publishers Association of Zambia (BPAZ) ZAMBIA
41 Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association ZIMBABWE
42 Union des Editeurs Gabonais (U.E.G) GABON
43 Jamahiriya House for Publishing and Distribution LIBYA

Founding Members

  • Mr. Victor (Weka Yawo) Aladji – Togo
  • Mr. Walter Bgoya – Tanzania
  • Mr. Paul Brickhill – Zimbabwe
  • Mrs. Tainie Mundondo – Zimbabwe
  • Mr. Roger Stringer – Zimbabwe
  • Mr. Henry Miyinzi Chakava – Kenya
  • Mr. Woeli Dekutsey – Ghana
  • Mrs. Jane Katjavivi – Namibia
  • Mr. Hugh Lewin – South Africa
  • Ms. Monica Seeber – South Africa
  • Mr. Samuel Matola – Mozambique
  • Mr. Chief Victor Nwankwo – Nigeria
  •  Mr. Ngandu Tshimanga – Cameroun

Associate Members

  • Mr. Hans Zell – UK
  • Mr. Jan Kees van der Werk – Netherlands

Affiliate Members

  • Scholar Publishing House (P) Ltd – India
  • International Publishers Association – Switzerland
  • Corry von Mayenburg (Frankfurt Book Fair) – Germany  
  • Ms. Nuzhat Hassan (National Book Trust) – India
  • CAPNET Secretariat
  • Mr. Soumya Gupta (Afro-Sian Book Council) – India
  • East Africa Book Dev’t Association – Kenya
  • Helge Ronning (Univ. of Oslo) – Norway
  • Cecile Lomer (The African Book Publishing Record) – USA
  • Prof. Atukwei Okai (Pan African Writers Association) – Ghana
  • Mrs. Ronke Orimalade (Pan-African Booksellers Association) – Nigeria
  •  Scott Walter (CODE) – Canada
  • Henning Melber (Dag Hammarskjold Foundation) – Sweden
  • Karl Eric Ericson (The Nordic African Institute) – Sweden
  • Irma Harmsen (NOVIB – Oxfam Netherlands) – Netherlands
  • Viviana Quinones (Centre national du livre pour enfants) – France
  • Mr. Phiroshaw Camay [Co-operative for Research & Eduation (CORE)] – South Africa
  • Mrs. Dana Kalinova (SVET KNIHY) – Czech Republic
  • Ms Mary Jay [African Books Collective (ABC)] – UK
  • Mr. Jeff Samuelson [Book Aid International (BAI)] – London
  • Mr. Richard Crabbe (The World Bank) – USA
  • Stefan Cramer (Heinrich Boil Foundation)